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Opulence of Integrity

Christal's latest piece is titled: "The Opulence of Integrity." It is a four-movement, evening-length work inspired by the life and legend of Muhammad Ali. Ali’s career as a boxer, and his life as a social activist, public martyr, and human being have all inspired Christal to choreograph this new work. Her company INSPIRIT performs a suite of dances that incorporate elements of boxing, hip-hop, martial arts, and modern dance, with a sound score by Farai Malianga. To learn more about Chrstial's latest piece, click here.

Christal's VPR interview about Opulence of Integrity can be accessed here, and a video trailer of the performance can be found on the media page of this site. 

Curriculum Vitae 

Below you will find a pdf of Christal's Curriculum Vitae, which you can print or download if you would like to learn more about Christal's dance history and life work.

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Movement Matters
Led by Christal Brown funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Movement Matters is a 44-month institutional exploration of how human bodies literally and metaphorically shape our physical and political worlds. Through reciprocal arrangements between emerging artists in the field of dance and Middlebury College professors from across the curriculum, Movement Matters seeks to foster artistic creation and curricular development at the pedagogical nexus of embodied learning and scholarly interests with a special emphasis on increasing global understanding. Faculty and students will participate in traditional research as well as engage with their material through physical and choreographic problematizing. For example, students in economics might probe similarities between business negotiations and contact improvisation sessions, or faculty in foreign language departments could develop non-verbal communication exercises to enhance cultural competency. In any case, the collision of intellectual rigor and somatic technology will provide an expansive palette of inquiry abounding with new understandings of our increasingly global culture.

Collaborating with Photographer Brett Simison