Christal Brown, is an Assistant Professor of Dance and  Chair of the Dance Program at   Middlebury College. She is a passionate educator who blends her artistic practice and pedagogy into seamless works of purpose.  Brown brings the art of dance to life for students of all ages by validating experience and meaning through motion.


Bates Dance Festival

Young Dancers Workshop 2017: Repertory with Christal Brown/INSPIRIT dance company

Project Becoming

Christal has also started a program called Project: Becoming. The mission of Project: Becoming is to empower young women and teenage girls to assist them in becoming strong competent individuals by offering them positive, impactful experiences. 
Other Activities
Christal is also a permanent faculty member at
Earl Mosely's Institute of the Arts. 

Liquid Strength

Christal Brown’s “Liquid Strength" (A technique laboratory focused on moving, intention, and analyzation) combines the focus and intention of a meditative practice with a series of exercises designed to train the body in articulate expression as well as athletic execution ; Brown's class focuses on developing the total artist.  Exercises will focus on alignment, torso and spinal flexibility, clarity of focus, upper body strength, lower body strength, and abdominal control.  Working to transform philosophical notions of being into movement explorations, students will discover intersections between technique and performance : yielding transference. 
(You can find a video of Christal Brown's "Liquid Strength" on the Media page) 

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